Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree2

It was the first December after being divorced from my twin boys’ mother.

Christmas was quickly approaching.

My new “home” was a 2 bedroom apartment.

My level of Christmas Spirit was at rock bottom.

My 7-year olds looked around the apartment and asked where the Christmas tree and ornaments were.

I replied that I didn’t think I would put up a tree this year.

Two weeks later when they come in, my youngest opened up his book bag and brought out a squashed, golden, tinsel, Christmas tree that he had gotten from school!

The image of seeing that tree emerge from his book bag is burned permanently in my memory.

Emotion surged through my heart when he said: “Dad, everyone should have a tree at Christmas.”

I kept that tree for years and proudly displayed it.

In all the moves since then, it was lost.

Even though it is not here physically, it lives on at the center of my soul.

Christmas Tree2

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