Christmas Tradition

Christmas Tree Child

One of the kindest persons I have ever met lived a few houses from us.

She had such a gentle, peaceful spirit.

Her name was Mary Francis Dozier, and she loved our twin boys!

She had a Christmas tradition that was unique; I have not seen it since.

While most of us decorate our Christmas trees with identical ornaments (all the balls are red (or white), all the garland is the same color and texture, etc.) with perhaps a few special treasured ornaments that we use year after year, especially the star or angel at the top, Mary Francis had a totally different approach.

At Christmas time people flocked to her house to take one of her ornaments off her tree and take that ornament home!

The only requirement was to bring an ornament from our tree and place it on her tree.

As you can imagine, her tree  did not have two ornaments that looked the same.

As she looked at her tree, each ornament spoke of the love that each of us had for her.

And when our sons placed her ornaments on our tree, it reminded us of her love for us.

Thank you, Mary Francis, for loving us & giving us an enduring memory!

Christmas Tree Child

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