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Ice Creme Sundae

My sons are much better fathers than I was!

As a Physics & Math Major I tend to be data-driven and make decisions based on the facts, not emotions, so the evidence is overwhelming that both my twin sons have blown me away with their fathering skills!

I was visiting with my youngest and we were having a pizza supper.

Normally he fixes a nutritious meal for his three children, veggies, lean protein and fruit for dessert, but tonight was an exception.

As we were munching on the last slices my son gets up, turns the pizza box on its side and opens it up, creating a screen.

While we were occupied eating he is doing something behind the screen.

We could hear sounds but we couldn’t tell what he was doing.

“Daddy, what are you doing?” his children asked.

“You’ll see, just wait.” he answered.

Anticipation, curiosity, imaginations going wild!

Then I hear a “whoosh” sound and I know what is happening, but my grandkids are still mystified.

It is time for the grand “Reveal” and with great flair and a “Ta-Dah!” he removes the box and we see …


His kids go ballistic with joy!

I am in awe; never in a million years would I have thought of creating such a lasting memory with such dramatic effect.

We all savored every bite of this special treat; my heart soared like a hawk with pride.

Memories are the molecules of life!

Ice Creme SundaePizza Box Screen

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