Bren and Boys

I wish I could take credit for the character and accomplishments of our twin boys, but that would be ego on steroids.

While I did a lot of things right in their early years, like most fallible humans there were missteps and lapses.

Our boys earned their massive success by their own intelligent action, failing, learning and ascending, and they deserve the bulk of the credit for where they are and the distance that they have traversed.

That being said the influence of their mother was, and is, foundational to where they are today.

Prior to getting pregnant she had slimmed down to her ideal weight, which was a real struggle for her.

When she learned that she was pregnant she stopped anything that could potentially harm them – smoking, drinking, etc. – even to the point that when she had a headache she refused to take an aspirin!

She did everything that was recommended to ensure that she had a healthy pregnancy, vitamins, nutrition, etc.

Natural childbirth, breast-feeding, whatever it took.

Our boys were 2 weeks late and she was extremely uncomfortable at the end; her mother cried when she saw her daughter’s huge, stretched belly at 9 months.

At birth, each of our sons weighed in at around 7 pounds – that’s 14 pounds of baby!

She was with them 24-7 for the first 3 years.

She was the one who stayed on their case to ensure that they had manners and respect.

She was the one who fought valiantly to guide them when they were pre-teen & teenagers.

Of all of her efforts I am most proud of her for consistently loving our boys, regardless of their behavior.

Through it all they knew in their core that they were loved – and that has made all the difference in their lives.

Our sons are the only two humans on the planet that have heard and felt her heart beat from the inside – and they continue to this day to feel her heart.

Bren and Boys

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