They don’t know what they don’t know

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Your child does not know what you think they know!

One night as I was bathing my twin boys, I noticed something highly unusual about my youngest.

His scrotum was huge!

When I gently touched it, it retracted a little, then returned to its monstrous size.

He was not in pain; it did not appear to bother him, but this was obviously not normal.

Recalling my meager knowledge of anatomy my only suspicion was that it must be “something” internal.

When I called the pediatrician he confirmed that my son had a hernia and part of his small intestine had pushed into his scrotum.

We scheduled the operation and told our son that he needed to go to the hospital for some surgery to get this corrected.

We had a collection of The Berenstain Bears books, one of which covered going to the doctor, which we had read to him and his brother.

So the day of the operation came; off we all go to the hospital; we are anxious, our son is fine; in he goes to the operating room; we tell him we will see him later.

The doctor comes out and tells us that everything went perfectly – whew! relief.

In we go to see our son.

Imagine our shock when he looks at us with eyes of fire and shouts: “THEY CUT ME!!!!”

That is when it hit us. He did not understand that “surgery” involved cutting. We had not prepared him for the pain.

We had assumed that he knew what surgery entailed, but WE HAD NOT TOLD HIM.

The image of betrayal on his face is burned permanently into my neural structure.

I learned that day that asking questions is more effective in parenting than just telling, no matter what the subject or the age of the child.


Angry face

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