First Kiss – Then Marriage!


She was 5 years old when I kissed her – I was 8.

It was at the bottom of the hill where we played “King of the Hill”.

We grew up together playing rook, dominos, monopoly, go-fish at Boot’s country store in Gum Flat, Tennessee (unincorporated, population of 67 during election).

Together we enjoyed the awesome snow cream that Beatrice made (the vanilla was the secret ingredient).

We called up strangers on the telephone and asked if they had Prince Albert in a can; when they said yes we would shout: “Let him out, he can’t breathe!” then we would giggle and hang up.

As we grew older we hated each other!

Why?  Because we knew too much about each other.

Romance was out of the question.

When we were teenagers she needed someone to double date with her sister so she would be allowed to go out on a date; for her sister & I that was our first and last date with each other.

Off I went to college – and I started dating her best friend.

I discovered later that she decided she would “steal” me away from her best friend.

Long story short: dating led to marriage and the girl I kissed when she was 5 became the mother of our incredible twin boys!

Who would have thunk?  You can’t make this stuff up!

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