Focused Attention!

Time Drew & Ava Home Depot1

As adults, we have a lot of urgent and important to-do’s every day.

Without priorities & planning our children can easily be put way down on our list.

One way to keep them at the top of our list is by recording time on our schedule for each child.

It is a meeting with our child where we give them our focused attention – something that their emotions crave – even more than toys & treats – our time.

It can be a meeting where we just hang out with each other – no agenda – or we can also mix in some training – building in future skills that will serve them as an adult.

The key is our Presence – not just our Proximity – Focused Attention.

Here is a picture of my oldest with his Precious – he and his wife are Master Builders of their little one.

Guiding her step by step into being her own master builder – of herself.

Focused attention fills up a child’s “love tank” – which provides the fuel for all other accomplishments – academic, etc.

Filling up that love tank is a daily act of caring – and focused attention is one of several tools in a Father’s tool-kit.

A tool that should be used in infancy, childhood, adolescence – as well as adulthood – that tank always needs filling!

Time Drew & Ava Home Depot1

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