“For” or “To”

excessive control

Are you responsible “for” your children or “to” your children?

There is incredible power in these prepositions, and which one is uppermost in our minds as we guide our children makes a world of difference!

If we obsess with academics and getting our child into a prestigious school, then when our child informs us the night before that a project is due at school, we’ll do the project for them (got to have straight A’s, whatever it takes).

Which means that we have just taught our child a disastrous lesson!

Life has no consequences – someone will bail them out!

All because we see ourselves as being responsible “for” our children, even for their grades.

If we see ourselves being responsible “to” our children, we will let them either pull an all-nighter and have to drag their butt into class the next day, or just let them get (gasp!) and F on the assignment.

Life has consequences!

And it’s better to learn that early, than when they launch out on their own and they discover that life doesn’t bail them out!

’nuff said!

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