Hidden Poison!


He found it hidden in his Dad’s closet and he had to share it with us!

He was over-the-top excited at his discovery!

It appeared to be just a normal deck of poker playing cards on the back.

But on the front of these 52 cards were images that no pre-teen children should ever see.

I was about 11, he was 9, his cousin was 8.

We were fascinated by seeing adults naked, even though we were mystified by what they were doing.

All we knew was that this was something very forbidden, and that what we were doing by looking at them was very, very wrong.

See, before the Triple X internet sites, before DVD’s, before books & magazines, it was on playing cards.

I am certain that his Dad thought that his son would never find that deck of cards, just like fathers today believe that their stash of pornographic materials are well secured.

What I do know is that a single incident had a profound negative effect on all three of us.

It was mental, emotional and spiritual poison – with a lifetime impact, especially on one’s capability for intimacy.

Poison is poison and has no place in the home of a loving father.

If it is in your house – destroy it!

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