The Power of a Biscuit

Making Bisquits

The tiny country kitchen is a beehive of activity as hands & elbows are blur with everyone pitching in to prepare dinner.

I was 7 and my cousin was 3.

We are at our grandmother’s house watching biscuits being made from scratch.

Amazing how powered flour can be transformed into dough, rolled flat and then cut to form a perfect circle and put into the oven.

“Can we make a biscuit with the leftover dough?”

“Yes you can.  Use this to make your very own biscuits, but try not to eat the raw dough.”

“This” was a bottle cap, one for me and one for my cousin.

We were so proud that we were allowed to help, and that these were “our” biscuits.

We stamped out these miniature biscuits (more like oyster crackers) and once they were put into the oven we stood, mesmerized, at the oven door watching them rise.

When they came out of the oven, we devoured them just as soon as they cooled.

We felt like master chefs!

We could cook!

There is a time when children want to help and be “grown up”.

It is a wise parent who recognizes “a teachable moment”.

Making Bisquits

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