Student, or Teacher?

Girl talking to father

Your child came to you disguised as a student, and became your teacher!

This weekend my wife and I were chatting with a friend of ours who is the proud father of a 5 year old daughter.

We were amazed that his daughter actually loved, and preferred, vegetables over meat and junk food.

He and his wife have to encourage her to eat her protein first, before she fills up on veggies!

She even “stole” most of his salad when he was putting together a late night meal over the weekend.

The biggest surprise, however, was when they were getting ready to go to another child’s birthday party where pizza was the only thing to be served.

“Daddy, we had pizza last night, and we will be having pizza again today. ISN’T THAT WRONG?”

Needless to say, her father was stunned – and he agreed.

What wisdom have you learned from your master teacher?

Girl talking to fatherPizzaVegetables

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