Way-Back Machine

Peabody and Sherman

I love cartoons, especially if they have an empowering message!

One of my favorites was Mr. Peabody & Sherman and the Way-Back Machine.

The Way-Back Machine was use to travel back in time and discover the reality behind the legend of historical figures.

Yesterday I found a video clip of Steve Jobs being miked for his very first television interview.

Steve’s presentations, especially at Apple’s annual events, were legendary.

Books have been written about his presentation style – books that reveal his “secrets” of delivering a great presentation.

Few know that Steve practiced those presentations over and over and over months prior to the event, so the presentation would be flawless, and appear to be spontaneous.

Imagine my surprise when I heard Steve say on the video clip I found: “we’re not live yet are we?  I feel that I might throw up and amy moment.”


The great Steve Jobs – nervous to the point of being sick – prior to speaking on a TV interview?


Something to remember as we encourage our children as they practice anything for the first time.

Peabody and Sherman

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