New Fathers


Remember bubble gum

Yesterday I watched a video of our youngest grandchild running in the house, going to her knees on the floor and scooting all the way to the front door, squealing in delight! She was so proud of herself because she had mastered that “skill”. Over and over and over again she slid on the floor…

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Psychic 2!


Even as infants, our twin boys were psychic. For weeks we planned a 4 hour trip to the grandparents. We ensured that we had packed all the essentials, diapers, formula, a massive amount of gear. The big day came for our departure – and – they got sick! It was coming out of both ends,…

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Something was not right. Our boys had been sick and I had given them the recommended medicine, but they were laying around like slugs. Listless, very little movement, no energy. I called our pediatrician and explained what they had and the medicine I had given them. “That’s the correct medicine, what was the dosage?” he…

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Clothes on Floor

Yes, I know I am weird but in our twin boys early years I was absolutely fascinated watching them explore their world and learn new skills (once a geek – always a geek). Shortly after they learned to stand up and toddle around, they learned how to pull out their dresser drawer and… Pull out…

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Favorite Toy!

Favorite Toy

Between us, grandparents, relatives and neighbors our sons had a mountain of toys. As I view the landscape of our four grandchildren’s rooms it appears that an avalanche of toys just happened. It is worse than a minefield just walking gingerly around all their stuff. It reminds me of the joke where the grandfather is…

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