Child jumping to Dad in pool

Long before the staple “trust fall” was used in team building exercises (where you fall backwards, blindfolded, into the arms of your teammates), there was the “trust jump”. “Daddy, catch me!” Our children jumping into our arms into the pool, trusting that we will catch them. Our sons never tired of this. Over, and over…

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Water Wings

At age 2 our boys learned to swim. At age 3 however…. I was so proud of both our sons at age 2 – swimming like fish. We had a great time in the pool. Then, summer was over, fall, winter and spring passed, and it was time for more summer fun. Imagine my surprise…

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Easter Joy

It is stronger than crossing the horizon line of a black hole in space! An irresistible gravitational pull that captures our hearts and puts a smile on our face! What is it? The pure 100% spontaneous joy of a child! It kindles in us our memories of a simpler time in our life, when we…

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Remember bubble gum

Yesterday I watched a video of our youngest grandchild running in the house, going to her knees on the floor and scooting all the way to the front door, squealing in delight! She was so proud of herself because she had mastered that “skill”. Over and over and over again she slid on the floor…

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In March of this year Monica Lewinsky (yes, THAT Monica Lewinsky) gave a TED talk entitled: “The Price of Shame”. She launched her presentation by asking: “Can I see a show of hands of anyone here who didn’t make a mistake or do something they regretted at 22?”. Boom! No hands. I thought back to when…

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