Your Child’s First Bike

Bike hopalongcassidy

My birthday was getting closer and I was hoping that I would be getting my first bike – a bright, shiny NEW, never ridden before, bicycle. My expectations were high; I could see the bike, feel the bike, almost taste the bike. The anticipation was killing me as the days dragged on. I had learned…

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Turning Work into Play

White socks

Can work be fun? One of my fondest memories of the sheer joy of being a child was when my Aunt “let” her daughter and me help wax the hardwood floor in her bedroom. My cousin was about 3 and I was 6. We put on our white socks, put down some floor paste and…

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Mistakes, I’ve Had a Few


Spoiler Alert! DADS MAKE MISTAKES! Yes, and I made a bunch. The one that my twin boys still remember happened on a snow-less winter weekend. It had been bitter cold for a while and we were getting cabin fever. This particular day it was 12 below zero, wind was about 25 miles per hour, and…

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Best Present Ever!

Baby in box

It was our twin boys’ first Christmas. They were 9 months old. We were at the grandparents; it was Christmas morning, time to open their presents. Cameras were clicking; tissue paper flew in great abandon; boxes big and small were open; enough toys and games for twenty children emerged. Then when everything was displayed, our…

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What I Believed – And What Was True

Spring Aire Apartments

Recently divorced, I was living alone in the Spring Aire apartments. (My apartment was on the corner, bottom, of the building on the far right). My twin boys visited regularly.  We swam together in the apartment pool (I was still self-conscious about the long scar from my shoulder surgery and wore a tee shirt to…

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