Screwed Up!


I had put our old mattress on the basement floor, knowing that our sons would enjoy jumping on it. For reasons that defy logic, I decided that this would be an great opportunity to attempt a flip. I had done this move before, in diving, on trampolines, so what could go wrong. I didn’t have…

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Please Help Me!

Spilt Milk

I was alone in the restaurant when they entered – a man with his young son. The boy appeared to be about 4 years old. I guessed that this was probably a divorced dad, having a quick supper with his child. Since I was divorced also, I could relate to his hurt and stress. I…

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Child Driver

Boy Driving

Daddy, can I drive? We are in an extended gray van, equipped with a bed, sink, refrigerator and porta-potty (I hate to stop on long trips just because our boys have to pee). Our sons are 5, maybe 6, and they want some time behind the wheel. We are on the interstate, no cars in…

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Mow Child!

Lawnmower father son

Our youngest son was 7 when he asked me if he could help mow our front yard. I had just started and said yes. He wiggled in front of me and grabbed the push bars – I walked closely behind him, holding the top of the bars. Back and forth we went, slower than my…

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Father of the Year!

Flech with pigtails

This is not your father’s style of parenting! More and more I am witnessing men who are super comfortable with who they are emotionally and are highly engaged with their children. I am nominating one of them for father of the year for his courage to post publicly for the rest of us how a…

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