Straighten Up!

Sam & Drew

When our oldest brought home a report card that was “less than stellar”, it prompted a letter from “above”. Their grandfather was not only the wisest man that I knew, his ability to write was epic! That letter was pure visual poetry! I don’t remember all that was in that letter, but it was scorching!…

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All through high school I was able to maintain straight-A grades – UNTIL… I was in love! Head over heels – captivated – totally consumed – in love! As was she with me! She was one year older that me. At first I was able to date and maintain my grades, but eventually it caught…

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Shower Horror!

Our youngest was in college, living in the frat house. I was living 3 hours away and decided to visit him for the weekend. His room was what I expected, similar to my own experiences living in a dorm room. I had worn the same white jeans for two weeks without washing them until my…

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He had failed the 4th Grade – Twice! When we were in the 6th grade together, he was the size of a Neanderthal – and I was the 3rd shortest boy in the class. He was the chief bully. He picked on me regularly – nothing physical, but really hurtful insults and intimidation in front…

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Water Prank 2

Do you believe in Karma? Think of an array of giant dominos in front of you; you push one and it falls into the next one, then, after a while, a giant domino behind you hits you on the back of your head! The dominos traveled in a giant circle and voila! Karma! I should…

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