Job Journey!

connect dots

Current predictions are that our children will have 7 Professions (not the same profession at different companies), or 7 companies (if they are an entrepreneurs) during their working years. Now that my oldest is one of the “Captains of Industry” I thought I would share his journey from a standing start to where he is…

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Before Steve Jobs became the leader of the tech industry he was more of a ringleader, headed straight towards jail (his own words) – setting off fireworks on the teachers’ desks; switching all the locks on all the other students’ bicycles. Three people in his life were instrumental for his shift in trajectory. One was…

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Down, But Not Out!

He had broken his leg during a wrestling match at school! The doctor said that he had only seen that type of massive break from car accidents! After surgery a young nurse in her early 20’s was pushing the rolling bed holding my heavily sedated son as I walked beside. He dreamily looked at her…

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Teen Entrepreneur!

Querétaro Treasures

She was 18 and we were with a crowd desperate to buy her products before they were all gone. It reminded me of a shark feeding frenzy. As fast as she could make them, they sold! We bought three, and the paint was still wet. We walked around town with them in our hands, blowing…

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Flower Planter Creativity

When I was in 4-H club camp one year I asked if I could sign-up for the flower decoration class. Full disclosure, I had no interest in becoming a florist – a girl that I was sweet on had signed up and I just wanted to be with her as much as I could. When…

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