Bathtub Science Experiment

Ice Cubes in Bath Tub

We bought matching bathtub chairs for our twin boys, complete with suction cup bottoms and seat belts.

Having advanced degrees (self-appointed) of  child care efficiency, these seats not only helped with the actual cleansing process, but also with play time afterwards.

Secure in their chairs, facing each other, they would push their rubber duckies and other floatable toys back and forth.

It meant that when I removed one slippery eel out of his seat to dry him off, the other was safely secure.

One night I thought they were ready for learning about the physical transformation of a solid into a liquid.

You guessed it, ice into water.

Off I dashed to the refrigerator to get an ice cube.

Showing it to them with the prestidigitation of a master magician, I dropped it into the water, where it slowly disappeared.

They giggled; they loved it; and wanted more.

Back I went, over and over, to repeat this magic trick; meanwhile the water was getting progressively colder.

Finally I had to announce that the show was over – at least for the night.

I have since learned that all the rage now is to use ice cubes infused with food colors.

Wish I had thought of that.

Ice Cubes in Bath Tub

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