Bernard’s Great Adventure


Both our sons carried their favorite stuffed animals with them wherever they went in their younger years.

If you saw our sons, you saw their companions, Bernard and Puppy Dog (who was later renamed).

Once when I took both of them to the library, Bernard, my oldest twin’s stuffed companion, came along for the ride.

As always, our boys had fun exploring the library, looking at the books, and selecting which to check out and take home.

Once home, they were excited with their new acquisitions and we had fun turning the pages and exploring new worlds.

After some time, we discovered that Bernard was missing.

We searched the house, under beds, behind sofa’s, he had gone AWOL.

As you can imagine, this was a heart-breaking loss.

Bernard had alway been there; ever-present; he had always existed; and now he was gone!

Weeks passed; still no Bernard.

I looked for a replacement (there was no Internet then) but it appeared that his siblings had been discontinued.

It was time to return their library books, so off we went to get a new batch.

When we arrived, the elderly librarian lit up like a Christmas Tree when she saw us.

“There you are!” she exclaimed, and quickly went and brought…BERNARD!

He had been left behind on our previous visit.

As you can imagine, the reunion was highly emotional.

After that, whenever we went anywhere, not only did we do a child-check-off, we did a stuffed-animal-check-off.

Today, Bernard has been promoted to be in charge of all the stuffed animals in my oldest’s household.

My guess is that it is because of his reading tons of books, primarily on leadership, team-building and motivation during his great adventure in the library.

Bernard Pelham Library

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