Best Present Ever!

Baby in box

It was our twin boys’ first Christmas.

They were 9 months old.

We were at the grandparents; it was Christmas morning, time to open their presents.

Cameras were clicking; tissue paper flew in great abandon; boxes big and small were open; enough toys and games for twenty children emerged.

Then when everything was displayed, our sons crawled to their favorite out of all the rest and played with great glee:



If we had known this we would have just gotten boxes with tissue paper inside and save a boatload of money!

“Note to self”, I thought. “Next year we will let the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. buy the Christmas presents for our boys and we will store most of them in our closet and take them out one at a time each month as a surprise.”

Now that I have grandchildren, it is very rare that I buy a toy or game for them.


I only buy books for them.

I find out what they are interested in (sharks, fast cars, Thomas the Train, anything Pink, Frozen, Hungry Caterpillar, How Much Do I Love You, Goodnight Moon, etc.) and buy related books to encourage them reading.

Children who love to read…become Adults who THINK!

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