Cat & Babies


Years before our twins were born we agreed to an offer for a free cat.

The price was right.

This was a Siamese-Persian mix.

We were told that the mother was Siamese and that the father was traveling though the neighborhood one day.

We named her Wispy since she was so tiny that she was like a wisp of wind.

Over time she acted as if she was the owner of the house and we were visitors that she tolerated in exchange for food and water.

When we brought our twin boys home from the hospital and placed them on a quilt on the floor Wispy came over to investigate.

She sniffed them and immediately arched her back and hissed.

Simultaneously the boys’ mother & I hollered: “WISPY!”

Wispy immediately understood the new pecking order: our sons were on top – and she was on bottom.

She never hissed at them from that day forward.

As our sons learned to crawl and then walk, Wispy got her exercise since they chased her, a lot.



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