Change of Plan

Asleep on the job

It was our first night at home with our twin boys, fresh from the hospital.

We were ready, so we thought – we had a plan.

Help, check.  My Mother-in-Law was there.

Supplies: diapers, bottles, formula, butt-paste, etc., check.  The hospital  had provided us with the essentials.

We didn’t need the bottles & formula, however, because we had decided to breast-feed our sons.

That decision was made when only one child was expected and didn’t get revised when the doctor confirmed it was two.

We felt that transferring the immunities from the mother to our sons was a smart move, plus it was cheaper.

Oh, and there was some research about the importance of the importance of the emotional connection between mother and child, but at the time that went right over my head.

First feeding: not enough milk for these two, so we supplemented with the bottles of water that the hospital provided.

That lasted less than an hour and we were awakened by two screaming banshees.

We stayed true to our plan, but not enough milk was being produced to satisfy (our sons were two weeks late – one was 6 pounds 14 ounces and the other was 7 pounds 2 ounces).

One more time and sleep deprivation was taking its toll.

My Mother-in-Law looked me straight in the eye and said: “These boys need some food!”

We changed the plan and prepared some formula – result: peaceful sleep, hallelujah!

Going forward we supplemented breast milk with formula – a better plan based on battlefield conditions.

P.S. It was years later that I learned that they whole purpose of having a plan was that it gave one a framework from which to deviate, based on unforeseen circumstances – there is no such thing as a perfect plan!

Asleep on the job


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