Child Entrepreneur

child knocking on door

child knocking on door

Proud – Embarrassed – Proud?

Our house was at the end of a cup-de-sac in a super-safe neighborhood. I don’t remember how many boys there were on our street, but it was a lot (11, 13, 15?) and they all gathered in the circle and down the street to ride bikes, plus they would go in a neighbor’s back yard for the rope swing, all without any adult supervision (we would peek out the window from time to time).

Several houses down was a retired couple who dearly loved my boys. Imagine my surprise when Mary Frances shared with me that my oldest twin (age 4) had knocked on her door and brought her the daily newspaper. My pride turned into embarrassment when she finished her story.

She had thanked him for bringing the paper, and then he replied: “Do you have any cookies?

She thought it was cute. I thought my son had become a panhandler, begging for food!

Once I calmed down, I thought about it some more and realized that he had figured out on his own:

1. how to use the resources he had (his arms and legs)
2. how to exchange value (bringing the paper)
3. for what he wanted (cookies);
4. my son was an ENTREPRENEUR!

It wasn’t until many years later that we realized that he, like Sir Richard Branson, was dyslexic, with a strong ability to connect with, relate with, and influence people, which is why he is in a leadership position today.

And it all started with cookies.

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