Childproof Home Exception

Twins Cabinet

Once our twins started crawling it was a mad dash to ensure that our house was safe – totally safe.

I even got down on the floor, crawling around to see the house from a child’s point of view.

Thinking ahead to when they would have the strength and skill to pull themselves up, we installed child-proof locks on drawers with knives, doors with cleaning supplies, etc.

We made one exception.

The kitchen cabinet having the pots & pans.

We purposely did not put a lock on that one.

As our boys tested each drawer & door (remember the scene in the first Jurassic Park where the Raptors are testing the fence for weaknesses?) they were filled with glee that we had “forgotten” to lock that one door.

Daily they went to that door and pulled out all the pots & pans onto the floor.

Sometimes it was to turn them into drums, or just bang the lids.

As they got older however that cabinet became their clubhouse.

After all the pots & pans were removed, they crawled inside the cabinet and … closed the door.

We could hear their giggles.

Occasionally the door would open in a variation of “Peek-a-Boo”.

We don’t have to wait until our children are teenagers to experience them wanting to get away from mom & dad & have some personal control.

Precious memories!

Twins Cabinet


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