Children are Creative!

Talcum Powder Baby

My first clue was that the bedroom door to our sons’ room was closed.

My second clue was that it had been quiet for quite some time.

While most parents go aaaaahhhh! when their toddlers are quiet, blissfully hoping that they are playing with blocks, a puzzle, looking at a board book, parents of twins sense that creativity has taken a wrong turn; in other words: “Scientific Progress goes Boink!”

I open the door and there is our oldest twin, in his bunk bed, grinning from ear to ear.

He is very proud of himself.

He has created a massive work of art.

His entire mattress is covered in talcum powder!

It is very neat, the power is evenly distributed, very level over the entire surface.

My first reaction is to laugh (this is too cute); luckily the statute of limitations has expired on my second reaction.

I didn’t even give him time to sign his art work; a future Picasso, worthy of framing, had to go back into the container (which was secured against further pilfering).

Into the shower to get him squeaky clean.

On we go to the next adventure.

Talcum Powder BabyTalcum powder pile

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