Flower Planter Creativity

When I was in 4-H club camp one year I asked if I could sign-up for the flower decoration class.

Full disclosure, I had no interest in becoming a florist – a girl that I was sweet on had signed up and I just wanted to be with her as much as I could.

When the instructor saw my project (a pitiful jamming of some wilted flowers in a styrofoam block), she basically told me not to quit my day-job.

Both of our twin boys have an extremely high level of artistic creativity (drawing, poetry, guitar, saxophone, cooking, grilling, etc.).

Stick-figures is the height of my drawing capability and 5 years of piano resulted in Yankee Doodle and Chopsticks, so it must be their Mom’s DNA.

Whenever I see our sons encouraging creativity in their children my heart takes a leap!

The sad statistics are that by the time children are in high school less than 10% still have that creative spark!

Let’s all ensure that our children are in that 10% by encouraging their creativity as much as their academic performance.

Both Home Depot & Lowe’s have children workshops where bird houses, picture holders, plant holders, etc. can be built with a little help from the parents.

The pride that a child has when she builds something of her own fuels that creative spark.

This picture says it all!

Flower Planter Creativity

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