Cribs Are for Sleeping!

The moment that our newborns woke up in the morning, we would take them out of the bed, change diapers if needed, feed them (always needed) and put them on a quilt at the intersection of our kitchen, living room and hallway.

Not only did this mean that we could watch them – they could also watch and hear us.

We figured that all that sensory stimulation would accelerate their development.

Plus it allowed us opportunities to stop, play with them, talk, check diapers, etc. while we went about our daily activities.

Months later I was reading a article on what to do with newborns and a sentence leaped off the page!

“After your newborns have awakened and have been in their cribs for several hours, they might get fussy and want a change of scenery.”


Leave newborns in boring cribs for hours!

That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard – even if the cribs have mobiles and play toys!

Somehow we intuitively knew that human interaction trumped everything else.

I see you – do you see me?

For all our sophistication, advancement and gadgets, some things are timeless – and most effective.

Eyeball-to-eyeball, loving hugs and kisses, time spent watching, listening and talking – these are priorities, then & now.

Cribs are for sleeping, not for caging.


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