Demon Possessed Child? Naw!

Baby in High Chair

The boys’ mother & I had watched the original “The Exorcist”.

It was deeply disturbing and the guttural growl of Linda Blair in her role as the possessed child was so powerful that we “heard” it long after leaving the theater.

It was just another day of spoon feeding our twin boys.

I am feeding our youngest baby food green peas; his mother is walking by.

At that very instant he utters a deep guttural growl that exactly matches the tonality of Linda Blair’s character.

Simultaneously, we both freeze in our tracks, me with a spoon of green peas in mid-air.

Without a word, I look at her, she looks at me.

You can guess what thoughts are going through our minds (is our child demon possessed?).

After what felt like centuries, our youngest noticed that something was amiss and looks at first his mom, then me, with a bewildered look on his face.

I feed him another spoonful; no more growls.

Relief!  No demons in this household – business as usual.

PS. Note to self: there is no redeeming material in a horror movie; it warps your perception of normal events; watch more cartoons instead.

Baby in High Chair

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