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bike victory

In the book The Talent Code Deep Practice, Ignition and Expert Coaching are explained as the foundations for excelling at the highest level.

I learned the value of expert coaching when the pros from the Nantahala Outdoor Center came and taught members of the Birmingham Canoe Club how to execute an Eskimo Roll in less than an hour of instruction – something that took me 6 months to learn on my own!

Their secret? Teaching the LAST MOVEMENT FIRST! Being a sequential guy, I learned the first movement first, then the second (you get the picture)

I was so impressed with the time compression of that technique, when my twin boys came to me and asked me to take off the training wheels on their bikes and to teach them how to balance and ride without training wheels, I adapted what I had learned to teaching them how to ride a bike.

After taking off their training wheels, I took their bike to our front yard, told them to get on while I held it upright. Once they were seated, I told them, “now jump off”. They looked at me in disbelief and said “that’s it? just jump off?” “Yes, you need to know how to get off the bike.”

After they jumped off I moved their bike onto the cul-de-sac had them get on while I held it, told them to petal into the yard and jump off, which they did.

Then I moved the bike further from the yard and repeated the process. In short order they were riding around and around and around the circle, then going into the yard and jumping off.

VICTORY! In just a few minutes. All by giving them the confidence that at any time they knew how to get OFF the bike.

Counterintuitive, yes, but highly effective and efficient.

Expert coaching, in any area, can get you to your goal in record time, with your kids, with your life.

eskimo roll

bike victory

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