Clothes on Floor

Yes, I know I am weird but in our twin boys early years I was absolutely fascinated watching them explore their world and learn new skills (once a geek – always a geek).

Shortly after they learned to stand up and toddle around, they learned how to pull out their dresser drawer and…

Pull out all the clothes in that drawer and throw them on the floor, giggling!!!

Then they would pull out the next drawer – wash, rinse, repeat – more clothes on the floor.

I was fascinated – they were learning problem solving and manual dexterity – cool!

I would go in, put everything back in the drawers, and leave.

You guessed it – shortly after I left, their was a repeat performance!

After several reruns, my fascination turned into ….. frustration!

Ok, this is no longer fun anymore.

I don’t remember exactly how I handled it – perhaps, since I was the “good cop” I probably radioed in for an air strike by the “bad cop” – their Mom.

Either that, or I went into my “Dad goes ballistic” routine.

Eventually they grew out of the “let’s empty the drawers” stage and we journeyed on to the next fascinating-frustrating episode.

Clothes on Floor

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