Favorite Toy!

Favorite Toy

Between us, grandparents, relatives and neighbors our sons had a mountain of toys.

As I view the landscape of our four grandchildren’s rooms it appears that an avalanche of toys just happened.

It is worse than a minefield just walking gingerly around all their stuff.

It reminds me of the joke where the grandfather is telling his grandson that all he got for Christmas one year was an orange, the his grandson replies: “an orange what?”!

Our children gravitate to one toy that has special significance, usually a stuffed animal.

Blu, Snip, Bernard, Puppy Dog are some that come to mind.

But a favorite toy of our sons – was – ME!

For the formative years, children year to play with their parents, especially their Dad.

There is something special about the time, attention and physical contact with their Dad on the floor.

Floor time with our children (or grandchildren) creates a bond and memories that lasts – and provides insurance against the turbulent teenage years!

Favorite Toy

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