Feeding Two!

Feeding two

Whenever others learn that we had twins they typically step back and say: “How in the world did you deal with two?  We just had one and it was all we could handle!”

My standard answer is: “Your brain expands to the situation.”

We had two hands and arms so we could feed two, burp two, rock two…

Amazing how that works.

Our brains survey the situation and ramps up.

It is that simple.

It was not that we possessed those skills from the beginning.

The capacity was always there and we tapped into it.

So it is with any endeavor in life.

Our amazing brain adapts to the challenge before us, especially if there is no other viable option.

Now triplets!

I have no idea how one would deal with triplets.

Would we have to learn how to hold one of the bottles with our toes?

Whatever it takes.

Feeding two

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