Free Food!

The best butter peas I have ever eaten came from Ann’s garden to my mouth in less than an hour.

There is just no substitute for fresh, organic veggies.

That is why my oldest & his wife get a virtual “high five” for putting a miniature greenhouse on their back deck for their 3 year-old.

She gets to see (and help) plants grow, pick & eat the cherry tomatoes, and watch food go from garden to her plate.

When our two were little I would joke about sending them out to the forest to forage for food when they were hungry.

They still remember the Euell Gibbons quote: “Grape Nuts’ taste reminds me of wild hickory nuts” and eating the bark off of a pine tree.

They did get to experience Ann’s (their grandmother) garden.

More & more I am convinced that Experiences trump Presents!

While academic excellence still matters (even though Mr. Google had made “knowledge” a commodity), experiences, travel, hands-on learnings is what our children remember.

When adults get together during the holidays, they don’t talk about toys from their childhood, but they do talk about their memorable moments growing up.

Does anyone have some fresh basil, a tomato on the vine and a sesame cracker?


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