Grandparents: The Good, Bad & Ugly!

Twins cartoon

When the grandparents offered to come & get our twin boys and take them back to Tennessee for several weeks, we jumped at the chance!

This was a no brainer – peace & quiet, time to ourselves, heaven-on-earth!

After all, we knew that they would be safe there in the country, they would have new experiences, making new friends, swimming at a neighbor’s house, etc.

We also knew that the grandparents adored our boys and all involved would have their “love tanks” filled to the brim.

We checked in with them regularly – everything was going smoothly – besides, what could go wrong?

Then we learned that an innocent “trick” almost caused heart failure.

One of our twins decided to “hide” inside a small shed.

The grandmother noticed that he was missing, looked around, couldn’t find him, called his name repeatedly, no answer (he was giggling quietly inside the shed).

Anxiety was rapidly rising, she was frantic, her mind raced with all the awful possibilities – finally, she looked inside the shed, to find her smiling grandson!

Needless to say, that was the last time for a spontaneous, unannounced game of hide-and-seek!

So that covers the “good and ugly” – now for the “bad”.

When our sons returned, it took us over two weeks to get them back to “normal”!

They had been so “spoiled” by the grandparents that it took a while to get them back to the children we had sent on this grand adventure.

Those weeks of heaven-on-earth quickly became a distant memory as we struggled daily with our transformed babies.

However, the next time the grandparents offered to “give us a vacation” from our sons – we said “yes”.

But this time we knew that there was a future price to pay – and we were ready for it!

Twins cartoon

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