Looks Like Sand – But It is Not Sand!

Sand shovel and bucket

It was quiet – too quiet!

When you have twin toddlers, silence is not always golden.

It was winter time and we had used our wood fireplace a lot

I had let the ashes build up, not wanting to scoop them up and take them outside, so our fireplace was overflowing with ashes, and a few lingering hot coals.

As I came down the stairs and turned the corner, there was one of our boys IN the fireplace – filling up his sand bucket with his little sand shovel!

The other twin was busy emptying his bucket, shovel by shovel, on the sofa!

Time for triage!

First, remove twin 1 from the fireplace, looking for any burn marks – none, whew!

Second, take away buckets and shovels from both twins.

Third, carry both twins up to bathtub and shower them clean.

Then, time for clean up.

Vacuum, and vacuum, and vacuum the ashes from every nook and cranny.

Next, clean all the ashes from the fireplace and make the mental not to never, ever, let the ashes accumulate.

Finally, put the sand buckets & shovels in storage until summer, so they can be used in the sand box in the back yard.

Ashes in fireplaceSand shovel and bucket

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