Mow Child!

Lawnmower father son

Our youngest son was 7 when he asked me if he could help mow our front yard.

I had just started and said yes.

He wiggled in front of me and grabbed the push bars – I walked closely behind him, holding the top of the bars.

Back and forth we went, slower than my normal Speedy Gonzales speed, at a pace that was just right for his short legs.

Fast forward to when I was living alone in a rental house that had a monster yard and he was in his middle teens.

He needed some extra money and asked if he could come over and mow the yard for me.

Even though I had a lean bank account at the time, this was definitely a win-win for both of us.

I got a break from the hot sun, and he could earn some much needed cash.

Plus, this provided him with a “bridging skill”.

Predictions are that our children will have a minimum of 7 different professions or businesses in their lifetime.

They will either be laid off from their job or their business will collapse – 7 times.

While they are between professions or deciding what their next business will be, they will need to do something to put food on the table.

Bridging skills (lawn maintenance, sheet rock, handyman, sales, electrician’s helper, painter, mechanic, cook, etc.) need to be in our children’s arsenal to “bridge” them from where they were to where they want to be.

These skills ideally are taught to them early, when they are eager to learn – not when they hit adolescence and are too “cool” to learn a new skill!

Lawnmower father son

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