Nighttime Massage!

Backrub bedtime

Once our two graduated from a crib to un-bunked bunk bed we had to create a new strategy.

The first night was a disaster, as they would roll out of bed just as soon as we walked out the door.

Back into bed we would put them, with a stern reminder that they were to stay in bed until morning.

It took several repeats until they stayed put.

Oh, if only they made giant cribs with top netting so we could keep them corralled.

Solution?  Back rubs!

There is nothing like a nighttime massage to help diffuse the energy and make the transition to winken, blinken and nod land.

As time went by I added positive, encouraging words that I would whisper to them as I massaged their backs.

In addition to telling them how much I loved them, I told them how proud I was of them, how smart they were, good looking, …

I wanted them to feel empowered and that they could conquer the world!

In both their industries, they have conquered – big time!

Backrub bedtime


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