Palette Painting

Boy reading to girls

Would you look at that! My Child is Teaching!

We had our twin boys attend a Montessori school when they were young.

I was impressed by how the curriculum was age-dependent – they knew at what age a child would be receptive to learning a particular subject.

They also taught physical skills, having them practice pouring water by using rice.

A Spanish teacher would come in twice a week to teach them basic Spanish words.

But my biggest surprise came one afternoon when I came to pick up our sons.

There, in the loft, was my youngest twin, reading out loud, with all the other children in a semi-circle facing him.

They were all very attentive – and our son was very much in command!

My son – growing his leadership capabilities at age 6!

P.S. We fathers are not the only ones “painting on the palettes of our children”. Not only do teachers paint, but our children themselves progressively paint on their own palettes.

Boy reading to girls Artist Palette

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