Playtime Disaster!

Wagon Wheel Hub

I was 5 when we moved from the sharecropper house to our newly built house; a veritable playground awaited us in the back yard.

One item was a small merry-go-round made from a wood and iron wagon wheel.

Imagine my delight as I ran and grabbed the wheel and went around and around – playtime.

As I held on I noticed that at the center of the wheel was a space that was getting larger then smaller as the wheel turned.

Curious I stuck my hand into the space when it was larger.

Bad move!

The space got smaller, caught my middle finger and now my finger nail was hanging by a thread of skin!

Crying like a banshee brought my Aunt & Uncle to my rescue.

I remember my Uncle asking: “Didn’t you know not to put your finger there?”

Duh! Of course I didn’t know! I’m 5!

Where was the safety lecture prior to getting on the wheel?

Eventually my fingernail grew back, but the wagon wheel was immediately removed.

Our children are pre-wired to explore, to test, to taste their environment.

They don’t know what they don’t know – but they learn the limits – sometimes painfully.

Wagon Wheel Merrygoround Wagon Wheel Hub

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