Pool Panic!

Child getting rings from bottom

I had read that Polynesians have their children swimming with dolphins before they could walk.

At age 2 our two were in a class to learn how to swim.

I did not have swimming lessons until I was 13 and I wanted our boys to learn so early that swimming would be like breathing for them.

Imagine being 13 and having to wear those ugly orange life preserver jackets in the pool while all the other kids were swimming – not cool!

Once my younger cousin was old enough to take swimming lessons we both got to go and learn.

Since I was working our boys mother took them to the house of a lady who had one of those above ground pools and taught swimming lessons.

Finally it was time for “graduation” and I came to watch.

Everything was fine as I watched them in the water holding on to the side, putting their heads in the water, blowing bubbles, etc.

Then, the instructor threw some colored plastic rings in the pool that immediately sank to the bottom and both our boys disappeared under the water to retrieve the rings.

I panicked!

I stood up with my heart racing!

They’re going to drown!

Moments later they surfaced, rings in hand, with big smiles on their faces.

Whew!  Be still my beating heart.

Panic attack over.

Baby SwimmingChild getting rings from bottom

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