Principle & Promise


Behind every principle is a promise.

We fathers are tasked with increasing our children’s capabilities as they march towards adulthood.

Some capabilities are obvious, potty training, feeding themselves, dressing themselves, brushing their teeth, washing themselves.

But the principle of self-sufficiency extends to some not-so-obvious areas.

My youngest twin experienced this when his 4-year old daughter comes out from the bathroom with her panties in her hand, and they were inside out.

When she asked him to “please fix it”, he lovingly told her that she could do it.

“But I don’t know how!” she replied.

He walked her through the process.

She tried, but no success.

Shaking the inside out panties in her hand, she repeated, “I can’t do it! You do it!”

He held firm and she tried again; this time – success!

She was so proud of herself! She had mastered the process of reversing inside-out underwear to inside-in underwear.

Something we adults can do without thinking – but it is a big deal when you don’t know how.

She was gently nudged forward to the promise behind the principle – the promise of self-sufficiency.


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