Problem Solved!

Diaper Pail

We made the decision to use cloth diapers instead of disposables; a smart move when you have twins.

The diaper service provided a tall diaper pail, the initial supply of diapers and would regularly exchange our dirty diapers with a fresh set of clean diapers.

Their only requirement was that no “solids” be left in the diapers, which meant that we had to rinse out the diapers with poop in the toilet prior to placing them in the diaper pail.

One loses all sense of inflated self-image when dunking a full diaper in the john!

As you can imagine, even with best efforts, that diaper pail stunk to high heaven, especially as the time grew near for the diaper exchange.

There mother & I grew used to it – after all we having a cat with a litter box desensitizes you smeller.

Our toddlers exercised their problem solving  skills one day by confiscating their Mom’s Charlie Perfume and dumping the entire contents into the smelly diaper pail.

No more stink!

I thought it was strong evidence of their emerging problem solving skills that would serve them well as adults.

Their Mother just shrieked!

Diaper PailCharlie Perfume

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