Psychic 2!


Even as infants, our twin boys were psychic.

For weeks we planned a 4 hour trip to the grandparents.

We ensured that we had packed all the essentials, diapers, formula, a massive amount of gear.

The big day came for our departure – and – they got sick!

It was coming out of both ends, high fever!

Trip canceled.

Can’t risk being hours away from our pedestrian with seriously ill children.

We rush them to the doctor – temperature is…..98.6!

The doctor looks at us and he is thinking: “Why are you bringing these healthy boys in to see me?”

The next time we planned a long distance trip – repeat scenario!

Only this time these first time parents were wiser.

We pack those sick kids into our van and head on out.

Miraculously, on the way to Tennessee, they recovered.

Ha!  Fooled us once, but not the second time, even if you are psychic!


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