Reading the Tea Leaves


Part of being a great Father is being in synch with our child as we aim them towards their future self.

This is hard because every day you wake up with a new child who has new interests.

It goes from Nemo, to dinosaurs, to sharks, to fast cars (the current interest of my oldest 8-year old grandson).

Channeling their current interest into a love of reading (yes, a physical book) is challenging with all the competition from hand-held technology.

Children love to be read to; the warmth of sitting on our laps, the one-on-one time, means as much to them as the story they are exploring.

Matching the book to their interest is a smart move in many ways: it shows you care enough about them and their interests.

Yes, the sharks and dinosaurs are now history and fast, exotic cars are in.

What is next? Stay tuned.

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