Remember bubble gum

Yesterday I watched a video of our youngest grandchild running in the house, going to her knees on the floor and scooting all the way to the front door, squealing in delight!

She was so proud of herself because she had mastered that “skill”.

Over and over and over again she slid on the floor with her knees – all the way up to the door.

For us “big children” to grasp what a big deal that is to her at her stage of development, we have to go back in time to when we were her age – we have to remember.

I remember: we were traveling in a pickup truck down a dirt road, all four of us crammed into the cab.

I had been working my tongue for hours, trying to get the bubble gum formed just right, blowing to no avail, when suddenly – I blew my first bubble with bubble gum!

I turned to my Aunt and Uncle and shouted: “I did it!  I blew a bubble!”

While they acknowledged my herculean feat and told me to blow more, I could tell that they were not as impressed as I was.

Still, I basked in my mastery of the fine art of blowing bubbles for the rest of the ride.

I had arrived!  This was a major accomplishment!  I was now an official member of the bubble gum blowers legion of honor!

P.S. Remember when you were a child.

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