Rules are Rules, Except….

boys in bathtub

Bathtub Wisdom.

When I was 5 and my cousin was 2, my Aunt put both of us into the bathtub and then left for a few moments. My cousin and I were playing, she leaned back laughing, then suddenly slid under the water!

Since I did not know anything about drowning or dying, I watched her laying there, blowing bubbles, fascinated. Fortunately her mother came in and scooped her up, asking me why I had not done anything.

That was the first, and last, time that we bathed together.

Fast forward to when my twin boys were bathing together in the tub. Whenever I had bath duty I NEVER, EVER, left them alone.

However, being a typical time-efficient alpha male, while my sons were playing with their bath toys, I would lie down beside the tub and do sit-ups, either counting out loud: “1, 2, 3, …” or “A, B, C, …” (might as well get some instruction in along with my exercise).

Soon after my sons had out-grown their cribs and we installed un-bunked bunk beds in their room. One of our house rules was that once the bedtime stories and prayers were finished, they were to stay in their room, be quiet and go to sleep.

It was hard to control my laughter when I heard from our bedroom one twin whisper: “A”, the other twin whisper “B” as they went through the alphabet, thinking that we could not hear them!

Since they were teaching each other, I did not go charging in the room telling them to go to sleep.

When learning is happening, rules are suspended.

boys in bathtub

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