Sandbox Dilemma


When I was 5 years old my cousin & I had a tractor-tire sandbox.

It was a huge tire, as tires go, but it just did not give a lot of maneuvering room.

When our twins were old enough to play in a sandbox I remember how confining my childhood sandbox was and decided to build the mother of all sandboxes.

It was huge!

I did not realize how many bags of sand it would take to fill it.

Bag after bag after bag went in until the sandbox was finally ready.

In went the toy trucks, the sand buckets and shovels, and our boys now had a place to play and imagine in the sand.

I overlooked one critical factor.

We had a cat that we let out into the back yard since she was safe there within the fence.

When she saw the newly constructed sand box she immediately thought: Litter Box!

This meant that when our sons were digging with their sand shovels they would discover surprises!


As Robert Burns wrote: The best laid plans of mice and men, oft go astray!


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