Shoe Laces

Shoe Laces

It was a sunny day in the second grade, recess was over and I was crying!

I was just standing there, immobilized, sobbing.

A classmate walked up to me and asked what was wrong.

“My shoe laces came untied!” I sputtered.

“So, tie them back”, he replied.

“I don’t know how!” I wailed.

“You mean your mother & father never taught you how to tie your shoes?”

“That’s right.”

“Here, let me show you how.”

I watched and said: “That’s it?” and promptly untied them and tied them again.

Smiling, my new best friend and I walked back to class.

When I got home I “read my Aunt the riot act” as to why she had sent me to school with laced-up shoes without telling me how to tie them.

“I’ll show you how to tie them”, she said.

“Never mind,” I smirked, “I already know how.”

P.S. It is embarrassing moments in our childhood that empower us to teach our children life-skills earlier than when we learned them.

Shoe Laces

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