Something was not right.

Our boys had been sick and I had given them the recommended medicine, but they were laying around like slugs.

Listless, very little movement, no energy.

I called our pediatrician and explained what they had and the medicine I had given them.

“That’s the correct medicine, what was the dosage?” he asked.

I told him and he then asked: “How old are they and how much do they weigh?”

I relayed the information to him and my heart sank when he replied.

“Cut the dosage in half – that is what is appropriate for their body weight.”


Hours later they were there normal selves, active, crawling everywhere, exploring, having fun.

I adjusted how much medicine I gave them the next time and they were just fine – no more slugs!

I hoped the doctor was bound by confidentiality laws and wouldn’t tell the boys’ mother!


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